Casual Dining

Casual Dining

Casual Dining


Soup of the day $9.90
La Madre Sourdough

Trio of dips $17.90
Turkish pide-pita bread-dukkah
additional bread $4.50

Antipasto board $24.90
cured CSS smallgoods-marinated vegetables-cheese
additional bread $4.50

Salt & pepper squid (gf) $12.90
soy & mirin sauce

Roast pumpkin & Meredith $13.90
goats cheese arancini (4)

Housemade Allendale $11.90
shitake mushroom spring rolls (3)

Five spice chicken wings (6) $10.90
plum dipping sauce

Pizza (v) $15.50
sweet chilli & sour cream

Garlic and herb loaf $11.90
balsamic and olive oil

Potato fries (gf/v) $8.50
aioli or relish
add gravy $2.00


Wood fired pumpkin salad (gf/v) $19.90
green beans-pickled fennel-red onion-currants-peanuts
meredith goats cheese-balsamic reduction

Tex Mex salad $19.90
chipotle mayo-avocado-lettuce-
corn-tomato-coriander-tortilla crisps

Greek salad $19.90
Meredith goats cheese-cucumber-red onion
tomato-olives pita bread
Grilled chicken $6.00
Calamari $6.00
Slow cooked lamb $6.00


Open steak sandwich $24.90
scotch fillet-CSS bacon-caramelised onion-Yendon tomato-
cheese-La Madre sourdough-onion rings-egg-fries

Beetroot & quinoa burger (v) $22.90
avocado-feta-spinach-mint yoghurt-fries

Tuki beef burger $24.50
flour dusted bun-bacon-cheese-tomato egg-pickles-

Chicken BLT $23.90
grilled chicken breast-CSS bacon-Yendon tomato-
lettuce-aioli-La Madre sourdough-fries

Sauces .60c
aioli-sweet chilli-sour cream-mayo-BBQ-relish


Salmon fillet (gf) $29.90
mash-spinach-hollandaise sauce

Linguini carbonara $25.90
CSS bacon-garlic-grana padano

James Squire Beer battered fish $24.90

The George hand crumbed chicken parma $24.90
fries-vegetables-salad (choose 2)

Risotto of herbs and mushroom (gf) $23.90
Meredith goats cheese-grana padano

Housemade caramelised gnocchi $27.90
prawn-CSS chorizo-Yendon tomatoes

Thai red chicken curry $23.90
jasmine rice


400 gm grass fed rib eye (gf) $34.90
chips-vegetables-salad (choose 2)

Mixed grill (gf) $29.90
scotch fillet-CSS sausage-bacon-
marinated chicken breast-egg-roasted tomato-fries

Sauces (gf)
Pepper-mushroom-red wine jus-assorted mustards

Surf & turf (gf) $6.00


The margarita $13.90
mozzarella-Meredith goats cheese basil-garlic-The Lane napoli sauce

Roast garlic $13.90

Istra salami $16.90
Meredith goats cheese-Yendon cherry tomato-onion-basil-garlic

Zucchini $17.90
roast pumpkin-leek-Meredith goats cheese-
mascarpone-sage-pine nuts

The Lane $18.90
CSS ham-BMF mushroom-Mount Zero olives-anchovies- roasted red peppers-mozzarella-oregano-The Lane napoli sauce

Roast chicken $20.90
pesto-pinenuts-Yendon tomato-parmesan

Greens eggs & CSS ham $17.90
CSS bacon-onion-mozzarella
Add chicken & bbq sauce $5.00

The Carnivore $19.90
CSS pork sausage-bacon-leg ham-chorizo- salami-Yendon tomato-thyme-Meredith goats cheese

Hawaiian $17.90
shaved CSS ham-pineapple-mozzarella-The Lane napoli sauce

Moroccan lamb $22.90
wood oven pumpkin-eggplant-Meredith goats cheese-Tripod Farms rocket-mint yoghurt

Prawn $23.90
CSS chorizo-chilli-Yendon tomato- basil-Tripod Farms rocket-aioli-lemon

Hot n spicy $19.90
Mozzarella-hot Istra salami-jalapeno-fresh chilli- roasted red peppers-Mount Zero olives-The Lane napoli sauce (hot hot hot)

All of our delicious wood fired pizzas are available as a

take away option


Sticky date pudding $12.90
with caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream

Choc banana spring rolls $12.90
with chocolate dipping sauce

Poached pear $11.90
with honey mascarpone (gf)

Cheese board (gf)
with quince paste, crackers & honey walnuts

1 cheese $10/ 2 cheese $15/ 3 cheese $20/ 4 cheese $25
brie, blue, ashed chevre, cheddar

see specials for origin


All $9.90

Pasta – napoli or butter sauce

Battered fish & chips

Mini wood fired pizza

Minute steak w fries-vegetables (gf)

Beef burger w fries

Chicken schnitzel w fries

Bowl of fries (gf/v) $8.50
tomato sauce

Kid’s sundae $5.90

choice of berry, chocolate or caramel