Continental Breakfast

Choose 1 beverage – juice, tea or coffee
Choice of 1 cereal – natural muesli, corn flakes, weet bix
Toast – vegemite, Darryl’s peanut butter,
Yarra Valley strawberry jam & marmalade


Ballarat Mushroom Farm mushrooms,spinach, Meredith chevre, CSS chorizo,Yendon tomatoes baked with Kiss & Run eggs


Maple & bacon or
Berry compote & yoghurt

corn and zucchini fritters

House made corn & zucchini fritters topped with house made relish, poached Kiss & Run egg

avocado smash

La Madre sour dough, smashed avocado, poached Kiss & Run egg, Meredith chevre, house made dukkah

bacon and egg brioche burger

Kiss & Run egg, CSS bacon, La Madre bakery brioche bun, house made relishcaramelised onions


Lane Breakfast Board

Wilson’s yoghurt, compote of seasonal fruit, house made fruit & nut granola, La Madre sourdough, beetroot minted pea & feta fritter, BMF mushroom & poached Kiss & Run egg

Regional Victoria Big Breakfast

Kiss & Run eggs cooked to your liking, La Madre sourdough, Tuki chipolata, tomatoes, CSS bacon, BMF mushroom, spinach, house made baked beans

Breakfast Pita

Toasted pita bread with scrambled Kiss& Run eggs, Warrnambool cheddar,caramelised onion, tomato & CSS bacon


La Madre sourdough with your choice of condiments- vegemite, Darryl’s peanut butter, Yarra Valley raspberry jam or marmalade

Lane Waffles

Maple & CSS bacon or berry compote & Wilson’s yoghurt


Choice of natural muesli, corn flakes, Weet-Bix, served with Inglenook Dairy milk

Lane Egg & Bacon

Kiss & Run eggs cooked to your liking, La Madre sourdough & CSS bacon

Beetroot Minted Pea & Fera Fritters

House made beetroot, minted pea & feta fritters, poached Kiss & Run egg, Meredith Dairy minted yoghurt

Lane Breakfast Bowl

Wilson’s yoghurt, compote of seasonal fruit, house made fruit & nut granola with chia spice

Avocado Smash

La Madre sourdough, smashed avocado,poached Kiss & Run eggs, Meredith chevre,house made dukkah

Salmon Benny Bagel

New York style bagel topped with smashed avocado, Tasmanian smoked salmon, poached Kiss & Run eggs & hollandaise sauce

Fruit Loaf

Schwob’s Bakery Swiss fruit toast with apricots, figs & spice

Breakfast Foaccia

Schwob’s Turkish focaccia, Kiss & Run eggs, Lane relish, caramelised onion, cheddar cheese,CSS bacon, roasted roma tomatoes


Little George (Under 12’s)

1 Kiss & Run egg, CSS bacon, hash brown, La Madre toast

Maple & bacon waffle or berry compote & yoghurt waffle

Available in The Lane only. Not available for room service.