Continental Breakfast

Choose 1 beverage – juice, tea or coffee
Choice of 1 cereal – natural muesli, corn flakes, weet bix
Toast – vegemite, Darryl’s peanut butter,
Yarra Valley strawberry jam & marmalade


Ballarat Mushroom Farm mushrooms,spinach, Meredith chevre, CSS chorizo,Yendon tomatoes baked with Kiss & Run eggs


Maple & bacon or
Berry compote & yoghurt

corn and zucchini fritters

House made corn & zucchini fritters topped with house made relish, poached Kiss & Run egg

avocado smash

La Madre sour dough, smashed avocado, poached Kiss & Run egg, Meredith chevre, house made dukkah

bacon and egg brioche burger

Kiss & Run egg, CSS bacon, La Madre bakery brioche bun, house made relishcaramelised onions


big breakfast

Kiss & Run eggs cooked to your liking,La Madre sour dough, Tuki chipolata,tomatoes, CSS bacon, Ballarat Farm mushroom, spinach, house made CSS ham hock baked beans


La Madre sourdough or fruit toast with yourchoice of condiments vegemite, Darryl’s peanut butter, Yarra Valley strawberry jam & marmalade


Choice of natural muesli, corn flakes, weet bix, served with Inglenook dairy milk

acai breakfast bowl

Strawberries, banana, coconut chips, matcha
add granola

eggs benny bagel

New York styled bagel topped with smashed avocado, CSS pastrami, poached Kiss & Run egg, hollandaise sauce

potato and ham hock hash

House made potato, CSS ham hock hash, egg, house made relish


1 Kiss & Run egg, CSS bacon, hash brown, La Madre toast

Maple & bacon waffle or Berry compote & yoghurt waffle

Available in The Lane only. Not available for room service.